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Marine Electric Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Towing and Mooring Winch

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Chain size: 16 to 97mm
Rated load: 10KN~447KN
Drum load: 10N~2000KN
Brake holding: up to 300ton
Drum capacity: 100m~1000m
Drive: Electric or Hydraulic

Product Description

Marine Electric Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Towing and Mooring Winch

Model AWM-16~97 is an electric or hydraulic anchor windlass mooring winches, is capable of operating effectively when the ship is docked, and has many functions such as drift, support and positioning during loading and unloading, while compensating for vibration with constant tension the deviation. The installation of marine mooring winch for the loading or unloading of a ship is an example of a constant tension adjustment feature.

Model AWT-16~97 is an hydraulic or electric anchor windlass towing winches, is the main equipment of the tugboat traction barge, mainly the larger marine winch, the main hydraulic drive. In the form of reel into single reel and double reel. In accordance with the roll distribution is divided into parallel double reel and front and rear double reel. Tractor winch main technical indicators are rated load, support the load, rope speed, capacity and so on.

The anchor windlass towing winch has double (multiple) drum, each loads up to 200T brake holding, complete with manual/hydraulic brake/clutch, on-site/remote control, quick release device.


*Anchor windlass chain size:16 to 97mm
*Anchor windlass/mooring winch: up to 200T brake holding
*Anchor windlass/towing winch: up to 300T brake holding
*Towing winch: up to 300T brake holding.

Technical Details:
Anchor windlass/towing winches; anchor windlass/mooring winches
Model AWT-16~97 AWM-16~97
Drive Hydraulic or electric
Type Single or double gypsy/ single or double drum
Dia.Chain φ16~97mm(U2,U3) φ16~97mm(U2,U3)
Rated load 10KN~447KN 10KN~447KN
Drum load 10N~2000KN 10N~2000KN
Drum brake load 50KN~3000KN 50KN~3000KN
Drum capacity 100~1000m 100~1000m
Clutch Hydraulic/handle operated jaw type
Brake Spring loaded hydraulic release/handle operated type
Power required 4~160kw 3.5kw~132kw
Control Local control& remote control in wheelhouse
Option Length& tension monitoring system, stainless steel lined on drum brake band. Chain stopper.

More anchor windlass and towing winches can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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