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Good Quality Cast Aluminium SDPB Type Marine Jet Propulsion Pump

Origin: Made in China
Model: SDPB
Body Material: Cast Aluminium
Impeller: Cu3 or Stainless steel
Shaft: Stainless steel
Payment terms: TT, western union, etc
Delivery time: 3-15days
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Good Quality Cast Aluminium SDPB Type Marine Jet Propulsion Pump

The SDPB Type Marine Jet Propulsion Pump is designed and manufactured in accordance with the Technical Conditions for Marine Mixed-flow and Axial-flow Jet Propulsion Pump (CB3404-1991) and in conformity with the Rules for Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships of China Classification Society (CCS) (2006 version).

The SDPB Type Marine Jet Propulsion Pump is suitable for installation of rescue boats, fishery administration boat, harbor work boat, coastguard patrol boat, luxury yacht and traffic boat, etc.
This product may be granted the inspection certificate by China Classification Society (CCS).
This product is designed in application of three-dimensional CFD modeling analysis after repeated computations, ensuring that the results of computation in two different methods are equal before putting the product into production. The production conforms to the experimental result. This is the first time in the jet propulsion industry of China.

The SDPB Type Jet Propulsion Pump consists of main pump and manipulating system.
The main pump consists of casing, impeller, rectifier, shaft, bearing, mechanical seal and half-coupling.

The rotating mechanism consists of impeller, shaft, bearing, mechanical seal and half-coupling. The propulsion force generated by the impeller is transmitted to the boat body via pump shaft, spherical roller thrust bearing on front end, pump casing, pump seat and flange. The radial force generated by impeller and the weight of rotor are      supported by the aligning roller bearing on front end and the water-lubricated bearing on back end.

Mechanical seal is used on pump shaft. To avoid air intake via water inlet passage of the pump, a water-sealed chamber is provided between mechanical seal and bearing chamber to ensure that the pump can work normally.

On the pump body, an in-boat fast opening manhole is installed on the upper of the casing. Via this hole, you can check if the impeller is clogged or worn.

To prevent plants or other rubbish entering into the pump, a guard grill is installed at the water inlet of the pump (beneath the pump seat).

Diesel engine is connected with half coupling through gimbal, driving pump rotator to revolve. Pump rotating speed is controlled by throttle control system of diesel engine. Seen from the drive end, pump is rotating by the clockwise direction.

The rudder is drum-type guide door leaf, and the reversing bucket is horizontal reversing bucket or vertical rotary bucket.

Rudder and reversing bucket are installed at the rear of the pump. Controlled from the steering wheel and the reversing control buttons in the cab, the rudder may rotate to left or right, or the reversing bucket may turn upside down or rotate to left or right, for realization of forward movement, reverse movement, translational movement, turning or revolving of the boat.

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