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Carbon Steel Marine Flap Rudder with RINA Certificate

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Material: Carbon steel;Alloy steel etc.
Test: Flaw detection
Rudder angle: Additional 45°
Installation: Easy
Maintenance: Convenient
Certificate: ISO9001,CCS,ABS,DNV,VR,RINA

Product Description

The flap rudder is provided for use on a boat hull including a generally horizontal propeller shaft having a marine propeller mounted thereon and comprises a rudder assembly supported from the hull in horizontal registry with the propeller and for oscillation about an upstanding axis relative to the hull. The rudder assembly includes mounting structure defining a horizontal pivot axis and a rudder member is supported from the mounting structure for oscillation about the aforementioned horizontal pivot axis. The rudder member includes a pair of relatively angulated rudder panels, including adjacent generally parallel marginal edges joined together and along which the aforementioned pivot axis extends, the included angle defined by the rudder panels opening downwardly. The rudder member and mounting structure include coacting structure limiting oscillation of the rudder member relative to the mounting structure through an arc of generally 90°.

Marine Flap Rudder:

Marine Flap Rudder material:carbon steel,carbon manganese steel,Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Forged steel

Marine Flap Rudder Certificate: ISO9001,CCS,ABS,DNV,VR,RINA ETC

Marine Flap Rudder Test:100% Ultrasonic flaw detection test.

Main Benefits:High effective,reduction of the remaining forward thrust,easy installation and maintenance.

We provide reports as material analysis,sample test report and mechanical performance test report etc. Other parts in rudder system such as rudder bearing,rudder post etc also can be provided.pls contact us for more details of  Marine Flap Rudder

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