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Ags-15 Silver Ion Sterilizer


  • Item: Silver Ion Sterilizer
  • Capacity : 1M3/H~25M3/H
  • Electrode: Metallic silver and plastic
  • Electrode chamber:: AISI 316L
  • Manual valve : Nickel-plated brass.
  • Payment terms: TT,LC,Paypal,western union,credit card,

Product Description

 Silver Ion Sterilizer
Our  Silver Ion Sterilizer is designed to sterilize the drinking water before consumption, For fresh water disinfection it is recommended to add 0.1ppm of silver ions. The minimum  time required for silver to take effect is 4 hours after passing through the unit. This
ensure a maximum of 0.08ppm in the system.

Material of our 
  Silver Ion Steril izer:
*Electrode chamber: Electro-polished stainless steel (AISI 316L).
*Electrode: Metallic silver and plastic
*Flow indicator & flow switch: Brass.
*Manual valve: Nickel-plated brass.

Electrode lifespan:
*Up to 2500 m3 water @ 0.1ppm silver ion concentration
*Up to 6100 m3 water @ 0.04ppm silver ion concentration.
*Alarm goes active when electrode is exhausted or is running low.

Water conditions:
*Max 6 Bar pressure (build in pressure gauge: 0-10 Bar).
*8 litre/minute water flow through Silster 168® (build in flow adjustment screw).
Silver Ion Sterilizer deyuan marine
marineSilver Ion Sterilizer China deyuanmarine

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