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Ф1.0mm Shipping Container Cable Seal

  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Ф1.0mm Shipping Container Cable Seal
Cable Seals Features :
*Lock body composed of  aluminum alloy cover and zinc alloy lock mechanism.
*Ф1.0mm non-performed galvanized cable unravels when cut against resealing and tamper.
*Self-locking system easily to lock by hand.
*Permanent laser marking for the highest printing security.
*Standard exposed cable length of 25cm, meantime with adjustable cable length.
Customized Options :
*Customer name, logo, sequential numbers and barcode (Laser Marking).
*Standard colors of blue, yellow or other available customized colors.
*Customized cable length available upon request.
Instructions for Use :
*Loop the cable through the item to be sealed.
*Insert and pull the cable through the locking chamber.
*Pull the cable all the way through the body until the item is tightly sealed.
*Verify that the security seal is sealed.
*Record the seal number to control security.
More Ф1.0mm shipping container cable seal can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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