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Yacht Piston Fork Type Electro-hydraulic Steering Gear

Brand: Deyuan Marine
Cylinder: V-type rudder seal ring
Torque: 10~1000KN.m
Shifting time: ≤12/20/28s
Drive: Electro-hydraulic
Certificate: CCS
Advantages: Simple, reliable, well output torque

Product Description

Piston Fork Type Electro-hydraulic Steering Gear
The fork-shifting rudder-pushing device is making the piston do the reciprocating movements in the cylinder, then through the fork-type tiller output. The cylinder we adopted to use V-type rudder seal ring. This rudder-pushing device has features of simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance and well output torque.

Model Torque Rudder Shifting Time Emergency Way
DYA (KN.M) (S)
DYA 10-16 ≤12/20/28 Emergency way for river-going:
8-16KN.M:energy storage device  
20-200KN.M:DC motor pump stations
Emergency way for sea-going:
8-1000KN.M Hand pump
DYA 25-30 ≤12/20/28
DYA 30-40 ≤12/20/28
DYA 50 ≤12/20/28
DYA 63 ≤12/20/28
DYA 75-100 ≤12/20/28
DYA 125-160 ≤12/20/28
DYA 200 ≤12/20/28
DYA 250-320 ≤20/28
DYA 350 ≤20/28
DYA 400-500 ≤28
DYA 500-600 ≤28
DYA 700 ≤28
DYA 800 ≤28
DYA 1000 ≤28

More piston fork type electro-hydraulic steering gear can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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