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Stainless Steel Yacht Hydraulic Double Gypsy Anchor Windlass

Usage: Yacht, boat
Type: Double gypsy
Driven: Hydraulic
Surface: Super smooth
Material: Stainless steel
Chain size: 12-78mm
Marine certificate: CCS, BV, ABS etc
Delivery time: 10-30days only
Packing: Steel case
  • Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Stainless Steel Yacht Hydraulic Double Gypsy Anchor Windlass

We can specially make anchor windlass for yacht, compare with other anchor windlass use on merchant ships, the important different is that yacht anchor windlass surface is more smooth and super polished, with very good apperance and luxurious configuration, yacht anchor windlass material mostly is stainless steel, such as SS304 anchor windlass, SS316L yacht anchor windlass. As per structure, we have single gypsy anchor windlass and double gypsy anchor windlass. As per driven type we have hydraulic windlass and electric anchor windlass. As per installation type, we have vertical type and horizontal type anchor windlass.

Above type is horizontal yacht anchor windlass model have one main shaft and fitted with double gypsy, a capstan or warping end can be mounted. While vertical windlass is usually design to be single gypsy windlass. Consider the space, a vertical yacht windlasses require less deck space than a horizontal yacht windlass.. the warping end or capstans here have operational advantages for mooring purposes due to the radial scope of the lead for mooring lines. For servicing and lubrication all running gear is readily accessible.

Hydraulic anchor windlass are fitted with counter balance valves to prevent runback. Heavy-duty concealed dog clutch drives and larger models ensure positive drive at all times, hand wheels and brake bands to chain gypsy provide infinite control of braking.

Specification for anchor windlass:

Name Chain Dia. Working Load Supporting Load Working Speed Warping Load Motor Power
(mm) (KN) (KN) (m/min) (KN) (KW)(KW)
Φ14/16/17.5 Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Φ14/16/17.5 8.3/10.9/13.0 51/67/80 ≥985.5
Φ19/20.5/22 Anchor Windlass Φ19/20.5/22 15.3/17.9/20.6 95/110/126 ≥9107.5
Φ24/26 Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Φ24/26 24.5/28.7 149/175 ≥92011
Φ28/30 Anchor Windlass Φ28/30 33.3/38.3 202/231 ≥93015
Φ32/34/36 Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Φ32/34/36 43.5/49.1/55.1 261/294/329 ≥93022
Φ38/40/42 Anchor Windlass Φ38/40/42 61.4/68.0/75.0 365/402/442 ≥94030
Φ44/46/48 Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Φ38/40/42 82.3/89.9/97.9 483/526/570 ≥95037
Φ50/52/54 Anchor Windlass Φ50/52/54 106.3/114.9/123.9 617/664/713 ≥95045
Φ56/58/60 Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Φ56/58/60 133.3/143.0/153 764/816/870 ≥96055
Φ62/64 Anchor Windlass Φ62/64 163.4/174.1 925/982 ≥98055
Φ66/68 Hydraulic Anchor Windlass Φ66/68 185.1/196.5 1040/1098 ≥910075
Φ70/73 Anchor Windlass Φ70/73 208.3/226.5 1160/1254 ≥910075
More yacht hydraulic double anchor windlass can be offered,pls contact us for more details.
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