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Packet Angle Type Marine Inflatable Rubber Fender

Brand:Deyuan Marine
MOQ:1 pc
Type:Angle type
Material :Inflatable rubber
Angle degree:90
Payment term:T/T ,L/C,Paypal ,Wastern Union etc
Delivery Time:10 -30 days
Package :Standard package
Size:Customer requires
Transport:By sea

Product Description

Packet Angle Type Marine Inflatable Rubber Fender

Packet Angle Type Rubber Fenders apply for many kinds of shipyards,harbor construction and maritime transportation Packet angle marine rubber fender has the special characteristic is with the 90 degree angle .We can recognize them from the all types of Marine Rubber Fender.

The packet angle inflatable rubber fender can protect the boat and wharf to avoid the damage .

Normally there are two types of inflatable rubber fender: Solid rubber fender and floating rubber fender. Packet angle marine fenders belong to the solid rubber fenders and widely use in marine application .

Because the packet angle inflatable fenders have very good working performance .Easy to install and sea water corrosion resistance with long life time.

Deyuan Marine supply many sizes of packet inflatable marine fender. You can check below data sheet or if you have the customize size please let us know .We can check for you .

Type Size Product characteristics Reference weight
Hole spacing
Anglar type Height(mm) Length(mm) a b
Angular type B90 90° 300 1765×1480 145 100 325
B120 120° 1159×990 98
Arc type R1100 R1100 1820 180
R2000 R2000mm 1000 100
Straight type H300×580 -- 580 50
Angular type B90 90° 2000 200

If you have any questions please let us know .

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