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  • 2017-08-15

    What Are Marine Fenders?

    Marine Fender, also called ship fender, is an elastic cushioning equipment widely used at Ship's or Boat's edge/shipside and at wharf/pier/dock/hoverport/jetty/pontoon, it is mainly used to reduce the impact force between ships and docks while docking or mooring. In other words, marine fenders can be simply termed as '' Marine Bumpers ''.

  • 2017-08-08

    The Development of Airbag in Marine Industry

    Marine airbag is one of the famous invention for marine industry . In the early 1980s,It is an extremely promising new process which overcomes the limitations of traditional craft such as skateboarding and sliding way.The application of marine airbag with Less investment, quick results, safe and reliable characteristics and widely use in this industry .The vessels move on the flexible rolling aribags can avoid the damage of the hull structure and the coating surface .So the ship owners and shipyards are satisfied with them .

  • 2017-08-07

    How To Use And Choose Suitable Ship Launching Airbags

    How to use and choose suitable Ship Launching AirbagsDeyuan marine offer wide range of marine airbags , like ship launching rubber airbag , roller bags, air lift bags, and salvage bags. Marine Airbags range in size from 0.8 to 2.5m diameter, with lengths of 5.0m to 24.0m 'effective length'. Marine A

  • 2017-08-04

    How to Preserve and Extend the Health of an Anchor Windlass

    Those owners,engineers and sailors who always cherish their marine deck equipments would like to know more about maintenance knowledge for anchor windlass, crane,anchor winch, marine capstan, shark jaw towing pin,etc.,An engineer from Deyuan Marine Fitting company introduced that...

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