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Marine Hydraulic Vertical Single Mooring Drum Capstan For Ship

Origin: Made in China
Usage: Mooring, anchoring
Material: Q235B,Q345B
Power by HPU
Rated pull: 5-200KN
Wire rope: <40mm
Instalation: Vertical
Packing: Export packing
Brand: Deyuan Marine

Product Description

Marine Hydraulic Vertical Single Mooring Drum Capstan For Ship

Marine hydraulic vertical single mooring drum capstan is mainly used for ship and offshore platform mooring, positioning. Ship throwing anchor, anchoring and so on.

Our hydraulic capstans are supplied with a number of high quality core features. The gear box itself is housed in the warping head with the motor situated below deck, although we can supply marine capstans with the motor actually housed in the warping head as well. Electric mooring capstans are also available from our company.

The hydraulic motor comes complete with a counter balance valve and can be operated at variable speeds and is bi-directional. There is also an in-built emergency stop system. Our range offers pull loads from 5 to 200KN, but special orders can mean high rated capstans can be manifactured. This mooring capstans can handle wire ropes up to 40mm in diameter and Hawser synthetic ropes up to 80mm in diameter. 

These single drum marine hydraulic capstans are light weight and compact in shape and space saving. they are available delivered according to customer specifications and special requirements.

All capstan can be supplied with an optional powerpack for hydraulics. These power packs can be used for other hydraulic systems onboard ship, workboat or off shore platform.

Marine hydraulic mooring drum capstans mainly supply with certificate such as CCS, ABS, DNV, BV, RINA, BKI etc. Welcome contact with me if you want any this marine ship capstans!

Type Rated Pull Rated Speed Steel Wire Rope Dia. Electric Motor Power
(kN) (m/min) (mm) (kW)
MKD-DJ-5 5 ≥15 ȼ8 0.85/1.5
MKD-DJ-10 10 ≥15 ȼ11 2.2/3.3
MKD-DJ-15 15 ≥15 ȼ13 3/4.5
MKD-DJ-20 20 ≥15 ȼ14 5/7.5
MKD-DJ-30 30 ≥15 ȼ16 11/11/7.5
MKD-DJ-50 50 ≥15 ȼ20.5 16/16/11
MKD-DJ-80 80 ≥15 ȼ26 30/30/32
MKD-DJ-100 100 ≥12 ȼ28 30/30/32
MKD-DJ-125 125 ≥12 ȼ32 45/45/30
MKD-DJ-160 160 ≥10 ȼ36 45/45/30
MKD-DJ-200 200 ≥10 ȼ40 60/60/45

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